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Master AutoCAD's design tools and create precise technical drawings with this comprehensive course.


This AutoCAD course is designed to provide comprehensive training on the fundamentals of AutoCAD software, including 2D and 3D design tools and techniques. Students will learn how to create precise technical drawings, schematics, and models using AutoCAD, a widely-used software in various industries such as architecture, engineering, and design. The course covers topics such as drawing and editing tools, layers and annotations, dimensions and constraints, and project management in AutoCAD.

Key Highlights

Learn 2D and 3D design with AutoCAD

Create technical drawings and models

Master drawing tools and techniques

What you will learn

Enhanced Design Skills

Develop advanced design skills in both 2D and 3D drafting using AutoCAD software.

Industry-Relevant Training

Gain practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to various industries like architecture and engineering.

Project-Based Learning

Apply your skills to real-world projects and build a professional portfolio showcasing your AutoCAD proficiency.


Introduction of CMTI

2 attachments

CMTI Credentials

Introduction of CMTI

Introduction to AutoCAD

3 attachments

Introduction about CADD

Drawing Units & Limitation

Draw Tool, Modify Tool, Annotation

Drawing and Editing Tools

3 attachments

Line Command

Drawing a Compound Wall

Dimension Style Standard

Dimensions and Annotations

3 attachments

Drawing a Bedroom, Pooja Room and Kitchen

Creating a Doors & Windows

Staircase Drawing

Advanced Tools and Features

2 attachments

Staircase Design

First Floor Design

Creating 2D Models

4 attachments

Fillet & Chamfer

First Floor Bedroom design

First Floor Door Design

First Floor Window Design

Design Center Annotation - Text, Multileader

3 attachments

Annotation - Text, Multileader

Interior Design - Tool Palettes, Design Center, Blocks

Interior Design - Using With Blocks

Interior Design - Blocks

4 attachments

Interior Design - Blocks

Column Marking

Column Marking Design For First Floor

Column Marking Design

Hatch & Blocks

3 attachments

Hatch & Blocks

Column Foundation Design & Center Line Marking

Column Foundation Design & Details

Footing Details & Design.

3 attachments

Footing Details & Design

Foundation Details Plan of a Footing

Structural Details - Section of a Footing

Vaastu tips for home

2 attachments

Q&A - Vaastu

Vaastu tips for home

Isometric Footing Design

3 attachments

Blue print plan & Convert the PDF

Interior Portfolio & Isometric Footing Design

Isometric Footing Design


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Can I access the course materials on any device?

Yes, our platform is designed to be accessible on various devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can access the course materials anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

How can I access the course materials?

Once you enrol in a course, you will gain access to a dedicated online learning platform. All course materials, including video lessons, lecture notes, and supplementary resources, can be accessed conveniently through the platform at any time.

Can I interact with the instructor during the course?

Absolutely! we are committed to providing an engaging and interactive learning experience. You will have opportunities to interact with them through our community. Take full advantage to enhance your understanding and gain insights directly from the expert.

About the creator

About the creator


Construction Management Training Institute (CMTI) is a professional organization working towards the development of Construction Professionals through Professional Training Programmes delivered by Experts in the Construction Industry.

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