/Basics of Construction Management

Basics of Construction Management

Mr. Schin Amarnath

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"Building Success One Project at a Time - Dive into the World of Construction Management and Master the Art of Building Better Futures!"


This course provides the basics knowledge about planning ,what it includes, how to prepare scope for completing project and how to assign resources .It gives overview for scheduling and basic difference between planning and scheduling.

Key Highlights

Learn project planning and scheduling in construction industry.

Understand budgeting and cost control techniques.

Explore risk management strategies for construction projects.

Gain insights into construction contracts and legal aspects.

Master communication and collaboration skills for construction teams.

Implement quality assurance and quality control in construction.

What you will learn

Construction Project Planning

Learn how to effectively plan and manage construction projects to ensure timely completion and within budget.

Resource Management in Construction

Understand the importance of resource management in construction, including labor, materials, and equipment optimization.


Building Construction Methodology

3 attachments

Building Construction Methodology

Masterclass 1 Mindmap

2 pages

Masterclass 1

34 pages

Building Information Modeling

2 attachments


Masterclass 2 Mindmap

2 pages

Contracts Management

2 attachments


Masterclass 3 Mindmap

2 pages

Construction Finance

2 attachments

Construction finance

Masterclass 4 Intro to Financial Management

2 pages

Project Management

2 attachments

Project mgmt

Masterclass 5 Mindmap

2 pages

Material Management

2 attachments

Materials Management

Material Management

1 page

Planning and Scheduling

3 attachments

Planning and Scheduling

Masterclass 7 Intro to Planning and Scheduling

2 pages


269 pages

Cost Management

2 attachments

Introduction to Cost Management

Masterclass 8 Intro to Cost Management

2 pages

Quality Management

3 attachments

Introduction to quality management

Masterclass 9 Intro to Quality Management

2 pages

Masterclass 9

40 pages

Health and Safety in Cosntruction

2 attachments

Health and Safety

What are some Thumb Rule of Construction Field

5 pages


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About the creator

About the creator

Mr. Schin Amarnath

Skillbind Education is a holistic learning platform for Civil Engineers where we thrive to imbibe latest, high income earning skills of 2022 in the Construction Industry using unique ways like Masterclasses, Online courses and live webinars.

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